Podcast: When Mom Shaming Gets Out of Hand

Today I discuss those moms who go so far beyond mom shaming there isn’t even a word for it. These moms go from being “judgmental” to down right nasty and cruel, crossing boundaries while challenging another mom’s parenting abilities. It is unacceptable and we must stand up for ourselves, and for the moms who can’t stand up for themselves.

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  1. I love “my gloves are off” That is what I am feeling!
    We have had to deal with do-gooders. We choose to raise our children to be independent and courageous. We do not “helicopter”. It always shocks me when other parents tell me I need to have my children taken away, it shocks me when I’m told that my healthy children are going to die because I choose to not vaccinate. I have never said these kind of things to a parent that makes decisions different than mine.

    • Michelle Sabrosky

      Exactly! How a person can go from sharing an opinion or offering advice, to condemning a person, and spewing venomous hate filled discontent simply because someone is living their life differently? And how can they think that will not affect your relationship?

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