Liberty Under Siege

This week’s podcast runs through the tyranny that has taken place in the United Social States of America this week. Please listen below, links to the topics discussed are below the embedded podcast. The podcast was rejected by iTunes, they gave a list of potential reasons why, none of which seemed to describe my podcast, I will be re-submitting it, I may have to “re-name” it, maybe “Triple Threat Momma” is too threatening, I am not sure. Anyway, please share this article, to help share the podcast until I can get more exposure.

It was a rough week for liberty, Red Flag Gun laws are advancing in the US Senate Red Flag Gun laws are advancing in the US Senate, with help for Ted Cruz and the NRA -who is now testifying on the same side as the gun control poster boy, David Hogg.

There is essentially martial law applied to unvaccinated children in Rockland, NY, the largest population affected in the ban prohibiting unvaccinated people (specifically children) from being allowed in public places (even if they are healthy): Orthodox Jews. Is history repeating itself?

The county has taken it upon themselves to decide that there is no religious merit to not vaccinating… Not the use of cells from the tissues of babies murdered in the womb, not the other toxins and diseases, that would not be Kosher for an Orthodox Jewish family.  And you thought our religious freedom was a protected right in this country.

A family in Arizona had their children medically kidnapped because they did not take their child to the emergency room, on “doctor’s orders” because his fever broke. The doctor suspected meningitis because the child was not vaccinated, but it was discovered the child had an upper respiratory infection.

The doctor screwed up, and yet he is the one who notified “authorities” that these parents were negligent.  These children were taken away from their parents at gun point, after a SWAT team busted the front door to their home, the place they should feel safe and secure, all because a fever broke, and the parents were not as concerned as they were when they first took the child to the doctor. But, you know, the SWAT was just following orders…

ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO THE THEME THIS WEEK? Does it sound like history is repeating itself to you?

Chick-fil-A has been denied space at the San Antonio airport for “their stance on LGBT Americans”. (Because the CEO was at one time asked about his personally feelings about gay marriage.) In the name of “tolerance” San Antonio will not tolerate Christian owned chicken restaurants.

We must stand and fight! We cannot let tyranny to continue to advance without a fight!

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